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European Conference Review

Eco-Management in the new Member States and Local Authorities –

Cases and Visions - A short review

Villach, Austria, 4/5 October 2005

The Environment Directorate General of the European Commission, the Umweltbundesamt (Federal Environment Agency Austria) and the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning in Sloveniahad had invited in 2005 to the European Conference Eco-Management in the New Member States and Local Authorities.

The conference Eco-Management in the New Member States and Local Authorities – Cases and Visions was held to provide a first-hand insight into successful case studies and promising developments for the future of EMAS:

In the “Cases” sessions, top manufacturers from the New Member States had shown how EMAS had helped them to develop their production in an increasingly demanding market, SMEs present successful modelled for cost-effective uptake of EMAS, and local authorities demonstrated how public-private partnerships can stimulate mutual understanding and move towards a better business environment.

Experts from local authorities demonstrated how EMAS can play a role as environmental management tool in the implementation of the Local Agenda 21 in cities and how it could incorporate pull effects from public procurement, land use planning and mass events.

The “Visions” sessions had provided a unique opportunity to discuss the future of EMAS, and how EMAS III may evolve.

Experts from Member States and the Commission had discussed how EMAS can play a role in environment policy, and its possible links with other pieces of environmental legislation. Participants have had the possibility to discuss possible future scenarios like for instance the interaction of EMAS with non-formal, sustainable and social responsibility management systems with experts from industry, SMEs and public authorities.

This conference had given a full insight into the future of EMAS - right in the heart of Europe!

The Conference was organised by the European Commission - DG Environment in co-operation with:




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